Training workshops

The EX-ACT team provides a high number of training and capacity building workshops every year. Workshops are implemented in close collaboration with country partners that carry out carbon-balance assessments of planned project and policy interventions. EX-ACT is also used as a complementary source of information during project and policy design in order to target GHG mitigation in agriculture.

The most common partnering institutions are national ministries of agriculture and environment, multilateral and bilateral development agencies as well as non-governmental organizations.

EX-ACT training workshops allow these institutions to acquire a working knowledge of the EX-ACT tool and derive a guided GHG assessment of their own policy and project actions. Such capacity building measures usually last between two days until one week, based on the specific requirements and needs of the partnering institution.

Besides, EX-ACT is also used on a regular basis as part of University training courses. In this context EX-ACT is used to introduce environmental and agricultural master students to the main GHG impacts in agriculture, forestry and land use change.

Currently, EX-ACT workshops have been carried out in over 40 countries with a main focus on developing countries. Many training workshops lead to subsequent detailed EX-ACT analyses that are accessible under the section EX-ACT applications.

Workshop requests

  • EX-ACT training workshops are arranged on an individual basis. For practical arrangements and further information please contact [email protected]