FAO/Italy Emergency Operations

In recent years, natural disasters, conflicts, economic and social crises, food emergencies, not least the recent famine emergency in Horn of Africa in the summer of 2011, have all devastated the lives of millions of people, forcing hundreds of thousands of families to abandon their homes and farming activities.

These crises represent new emergencies which FAO is also called upon to deal with, to come to the aid of peoples, restore local food production and reduce dependence on food aid. In the aftermath of natural disasters and conflicts, the Organization has helped rural peoples not only to survive, but to rebuild their lives. Through its Emergency Relief and Rehabilitation Operations, FAO strives to mitigate the emergency and launch development policies and programmes.

In 1994, Italy financed 105 emergency and rehabilitation projects for over USD 188 million. Sixty-one projects, meaning the majority, are in Africa, for USD 143 million. At the moment, Italy is financing 13 emergency projects, mostly in Africa, but also in Asia, Latin America and Mediterranean countries.

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