Key Areas

Achieving food security for all is at the heart of FAO’s efforts.

The FAO/Italy Cooperative Programme is contributing to support food-insecure communities, providing from global agricultural policy advice to the implementation of field-level projects, targeting concrete actions for tangible achievements and promoting a sustainable development. The cooperative approach through FAO is aimed not only to provide immediate assistance to ensure access to food and proper nutrition, but also to develop capacities for long-term response to accompany the difficult path to growth and development.

The projects, funded under the FAO/Italy Cooperative Programme, provide support to small farmers and producer organizations, promoting the development of family businesses, associations and cooperatives, while ensuring a gender-balanced approach.

Success areas of intervention are linked to Food Security through the Commercialization of Agriculture Strategy, which aims to promote an approach of supply chain and market access, encouraging investment, increasing the value of local production in support of agricultural biodiversity, promoting farmers' organizations, and finally, supporting the role of women in the food chain.
Coping with Water Scarcity is considered another priority of the FAO/Italy Cooperative Programme to achieve stability and sustainable development of transboundary water courses, encouraging cooperation among states and stakeholders. An integrated management and sustainable utilization of water resources has been promoted and also disseminated as a basis for dialogue among peoples.
The FAO/Italy Cooperative Programme has also contributed to the Eradication of  Rinderpest, by reducing even the impact of some of the most important animal diseases such as peste des petits ruminants and Foot-and-Mouth Disease.
Another area of ​​priority interest is related to the collection of Agricultural Statistics, to provide harmonized and reliable information about food and agriculture, improving the quality of data for analysis and policy development.
Italy, through the Decentralized Cooperation Programme, has promoted also a Bottom-up Approach, ensuring joint action by local authorities and the active participation of communities, and responding effectively to the needs of the vulnerable population.
Therefore, mobilizing adequate technical and financial resources, the Cooperation between Italy and FAO puts human capital at the center of development strategies, to boost the potential of individuals as well as of the communities, as major players and the final beneficiaries of any intervention to promote economic and social development.

These initiatives are integrated with other areas of interest of the Italian Development Cooperation, including education, health, good governance and institutional strengthening.

This approach aims at developing a holistic system in fighting poverty, to ensure food security and an effective improvement of living conditions of the most vulnerable populations.


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