The Italian commitment to Food Security through FAO

The promotion of food security has been one of the priorities  of the Italian Development Cooperation, as defined in its Strategic Guidelines. This challenging objective is pursued in partnership with UN Rome-based Agencies and in particular with FAO, taking advantage of its global knowledge network and international neutral forum, and also, supporting its leading role in addressing food insecurity and poverty across the regions. 


In 1996, contributing to the World Food Summit global commitment of halving the number of hungry people by 2015, Italy signed a Memorandum of Understanding with FAO and it made USD 12 million available to sustain the pilot phase of the Special Programmes on Food Security (SPFS) in Low-income Food-deficit Countries (LIFDCs): Angola, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gambia, Guatemala, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Mozambique and Senegal.


During the World Food Summit: five years later, in June 2002, FAO established a Global Trust Fund for Food Security and Food Safety with an initial target of USD 500 million, in order to give new impetus to global efforts for the goal already set by the World Food Summit in 1996. Based on the results achieved and to further consolidate its support to FAO initiatives, the Italian Government was the first among member countries of the Organization to respond to the appeal and contribute to the FAO Global Trust Fund for Food Security with a commitment of EUR 100 million, providing concrete engagement with programmes for poverty reduction and food security improvement. 


Since then, Italy has been confirming its commitment to Food Security through FAO at the highest political level and in international forums, as for example at the G-8 Meeting in 2009. Here Italy and the other world leaders launched the Aquila Food Security Initiative, reaffirming a global partnership for food security and sustainable agricultural development for vulnerable populations.


The Italian Contribution to the FAO Trust Fund for Food Security and Food Safety

As above-mentioned, from 2002, through the Italian contribution to the FAO Global Trust Fund for Food Security and Food Safety, 39 projects have been implemented in different areas of the world, covering 85 countries, with the aim of addressing poverty and improving food security by enhancing agricultural productivity. The target is to transform agriculture into a modern, vibrant and commercially competitive sector.  (READ MORE)

Mr Paolo Lucci Chiarissi, FAO Senior Programme Officer - Responsible for the Italian Trust Fund for Food Security and Safety