Thematic Areas

The projects funded by the Italian Contribution to the FAO Trust Fund aim to assist recipient countries in initiating, strengthening and expanding activities under the following thematic areas, which were established when the FAO Global Trust Fund for Food Security and Safety was created:

1. Food security and Food Safety

In most Low-income Food-deficit Countries (LIFDCs) there is a range of constraints that prevent farmers from meeting their basic needs and seizing opportunities that arise. Projects in this area include the Food Security through the Commercialization of Agriculture (FSCA) strategic approach.

2. Trans-boundary animal and plant pests and diseases

Trans-boundary animal diseases are highly contagious or transmissible with the potential for very serious and rapid spread. These diseases are of serious socio-economic or public health consequence and can be a major constraint to the international trade of animals and animal products. This can also have an adverse effect on the food security situation in the countries concerned and also on the food safety of consumers around the world. The funded projects emphasise the need for early warning and strengthen networking of capacities to ensure the use of more effective and environmentally friendly methods and improve surveillance and control in affected countries.

3. Support investments in the agricultural sector

The projects funded through the Italian Contribution in this framework aim to strengthen the investments in agriculture in order to improve productivity and transform the agricultural component into a modern, commercially competitive sector, focusing on a more effective partnership between public and private sectors. This means helping countries make agricultural and rural development investment strategies a greater part of their national and regional development plans. Success requires building national capabilities to plan, implement and enhance the sustainability of agricultural and rural development investments. At the beginning the funded projects within this component were directly supporting specific investment opportunities. Now this component is integrated into the ITF FSFS projects and in the Food Security through the Commercialization of Agriculture strategy, merging with the other thematic areas and therefore contributing to achieve food security in all its aspects.

In order to see which component is pursued by each project of the Italian Contribution to the FAO Trust Fund, please visit our page "Projects" and click to read each single project description.

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