The Italian Contribution to the FAO Trust Fund for Food Security and Food Safety

As above-mentioned, from 2002, through the Italian contribution to the FAO Global Trust Fund for Food Security and Food Safety, 36 projects have been implemented in different areas of the world, covering 85 countries, with the aim of addressing poverty and improving food security by enhancing agricultural productivity. The target is to transform agriculture into a modern, vibrant and commercially competitive sector.

This contribution has been built around three main focus areas representing the core activities of the FAO Global Trust Fund for Food Security, which are:

The Italian Contribution to FAO Global Trust Fund takes advantage of FAO technical and comparative capacities, working as a forum to encourage policy dialogue and forge agreement among nations, in addition to advocacy and resource mobilization. 

Special attention has also paid to sustain food security and agricultural productivity in Small Islands Developing States (SIDS).

A coordinated approach and constant dialogue on programming priorities with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy is maintained. It is also important to underline the remarkable collaboration with a number of Italian institutions, whose contribution is considered of significant and prestigious additional value.