GCP/ETH/073/ITA - Strengthening Fruit and Cactus Pear Production in Tigray and North Wollo in Ethiopia

Region Africa
Subregion East Africa
Country/Territory Ethiopia
Objective The overall objective is to promote food security and poverty reduction of populations living in drought-prone areas by diversifying cropping patterns, promoting drought-resistant crops and alternative income-generating products.
Activities and Outcomes For the past two years, FAO has provided technical guidance in the First Phase of the GCP/ETH/073/ITA project, which was successfully completed in 2010 and provided a very effective groundwork for the fruit development programme planned within the five years governmental agricultural strategy. As a result, both Tigray and Amhara Regions are currently engaged in the improvement of fruit trees production at farmer level. In line with this, the GCP/ETH/073/ITA Second Phase is supporting Bureaus of Agriculture and Rural Development (BoARDs) of Tigray and Amhara Regions to strengthen fruits and cactus production. The first phase of the project, which has achieved encouraging results, was then extended to a second phase to consolidate technical support to the country on fruit tree development and also assistance to the regional governments to prepare a more comprehensive programme of transfer of technologies to farmers and creation of new market opportunities especially for cactus pear. The results are focused on: i) capacity building of BoARDs; ii) transfer of technologies to farmers and improve their know how on fruit trees management and cactus utilization; iii) improve post-harvest handling for both fruit and cactus. The project continues to strengthen the production of good quality fruit trees for distribution to farmers, to enhance quality through appropriate post-harvest handling and to orientate farmers towards commercialization of fruits.
Donor Italian Government
Implementing agency FAO
Duration 2007 - 2012
Budget USD 2,650,000
Project status Active

Involved Instituions


Alison Hodder:

FAO Lead Technical Unit Officer 

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