GTFS/DRK/005/ITA - Special Programme for Food Security (Phase II)

Region Asia & Pacific
Subregion South-East Asia
Country/Territory North Korea
Objective The overall impact of the project is to ensure that the population has access to foods needed to lead a healthy active life.
Activities and Outcomes The project aims to increase agricultural production and productivity, improving efficiency and sustainability of cooperatives involved in the project activities. The overall objective of the SPFS is to strengthen food security, reduce poverty and improve rural economy and the nutritional well-being. The project involves three cooperative farms in the country. The projects supports largely conservation agriculture, low land paddy areas; modernization of pumps, water management and watershed management combined with beneficiary involvement in scheme design, construction and trainings, which shall ensure sustainable technical transfer and capacity development by target groups. The project aims to modernize agricultural techniques through a participatory approach, ensuring both sustainable development and transfer of technical knowledge and capacity building of farmers.
Donor Italian Government
Implementing agency FAO
Duration 2012 −2013
Budget USD 800,000
Project status Active

Involved Instituions


Subash Dasgupta:

FAO Lead Technical Unit Officer