FAO High-Level Policy Learning Programme

High-level policy learning programme

for decision makers and policy analysts

FAO’s High-level policy learning programme (HLPLP) is a bi-annual, two-week event which strives to strengthen capacities of policy makers and senior policy analysts from selected countries and supranational organizations involved in country, regional or global policy processes.

Through the HLPLP, FAO translates its expertise and experience into learning opportunities for its member countries, which in turn bring their own perspectives and ideas on emerging issues. The HLPLP is therefore a knowledge sharing event where innovative ideas are molded into evidence-based policy options to feed national and international policy processes.


Fundamental topics have been maintained in past HLPLPs such as the role of public policies as instruments of change through the module on the  policy framework, which looks at the policy environment, FAO’s role in policy making and policy implications. Methodological approaches are explored through the module on policy processes, which focuses on policy impacts using various analytical tools like value chain analysis, or general/partial equilibrium methods.

In addition, each event explores new topics through the module specific policy issues, which covers questions on sustainable development, food security, inclusive growth, climate change impacts, natural resource management, to name a few.  

The 2011 event addressed selected long-term development perspectives, exploring how to shift from short-lived interventions to policies which ensure lasting sustainable development achievements [See more: concept note» introduction paper», agenda»].

Concept and design

Policy experts of the Policy Assistance Support Service develop the content of FAO’s HLPLPs in close consultation and with the support of policy officers from Agriculture, Economic and Social, Fisheries, Forestry and Natural Resources departments of FAO.

Resource persons

To ensure that the HLPLP covers the latest public policy thinking and practice at all levels, content for each topic is delivered by FAO policy experts, external resource persons including professors from leading universities, independent researchers and senior staff from other organizations.

Participants from different countries may also provide substantive contributions by means of prior preparatory work, presentations, panel discussions and case studies.

HLPLP resources for policy making

The material produced for each HLPLP is hosted in EASYPol, FAO’s corporate repository of resources for policy making. It is freely downloadable through EASYPol's resouce package High-level policy learning programme.

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