Areas of expertise

Our team of specialists aims to achieve food security in less industrialised countries. Research, knowledge and experience are central to providing policy support. Key issues and fields of expertise include:

The macro-economic context and its relationship to poverty and food security

With consolidated experience and using appropriate analytical tools we provide advice and technical support as well as capacity development, identifying consistent macro-sector and factor policy options in order to tackle poverty, food security, inequality and environmental sustainability issues [more...]

Policy processes

We have developed an inventory of principles and good practices to be applied in managing 'messy' policy processes, and we are highly alert to potential pitfalls [more...]

Rural development

We develop clear strategies and approaches to rural development issues, highlighting principles to be followed and priority actions [more...]

Creating a conducive policy environment for investment

Using in-depth case studies on the countries which have been most and least successful in mobilising investment and increasing their capital formation in agriculture, we are developing a compendium of best policies for creating the most conducive environment for promoting investment in agriculture [more...]

Migration and Agricultural Development

We are carrying out analytical work and country case studies to better understand the impact of emigration and remittance flow on production, social stress and equity, and the consequent effects on poverty and food security [more...]

Climate change

Our work in this area has mainly focussed on the development of an online tool to help experts appraise the potential environmental impacts of development projects. The Ex-Ante Carbon Balance tool [more...]

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