Areas of expertise


Migration and Agricultural Development


Throughout human history, migration has been significant in shaping people's lives and wellbeing, and  countries' socio-economic development. Yet the development community has traditionally been reluctant to integrate it as a parameter in development policies. Recently, however, the value of migrant remittances is drawing the attention of financial institutions and development partners (including the WB, IMF, EC, IFAD, UNDP and UNICEF). Remittances now exceed almost all other forms of capital flow to developing countries.


And yet remittances are not the only important aspect. Migration reallocates household labour associated with productive and reproductive activities, with significant consequences for the agro-rural sector. Therefore, in promoting agricultural and rural development it has become imperative to fully understand these phenomena.


We are carrying out analytical work and country case studies to better understand the impact of emigration and remittance flow on production, social stress and equity, and the consequent effects on poverty and food security. Our ongoing work on migration and development is generating comprehensive data on migration and remittances, which helps us to support informed policy recommendations and strengthen the capacity of policymakers, researchers, financial institutions and donor agencies to cope with migration and manage remittances in the most beneficial way.