Initiatives and projects

Resources for policy making
A multilingual repository of freely downloadable resources for policy making in agriculture, rural development and food security.
These resources focus on policy findings, methodological tools and capacity development.

Ex Ante appraisal Carbon-Balance Tool
This tool aims at providing ex-ante estimations of the impact of agriculture and forestry development projects on GHG emissions and carbon sequestration, indicating its effects on the carbon balance.


Investment policy support
Policy support for agricultural investment and food security
Investment Policy Support work is funded by the Japanese Project “Support to Study on Appropriate Policy Measures to Increase Investments in Agriculture and to Stimulate Food Production” as well as FAO regular programmes. Our aim is to formulate a policy framework that can enable member countries to build an environment conducive to enhancing investment in and for agriculture and increasing agricultural productivity and production.

Monitoring African Food and Agricultural Policies
MAFAP is a joint FAO/OECD initiative. It seeks to monitor and ensure that policies and investments are fully supportive of agricultural development, the sustainable use of natural resources and enhanced food security. It aims to support decision-making at national, regional and pan-African levels, and thereby contribute to the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) of the New Partnership for Africa Development (NEPAD). For this, the MAFAP project will develop a system for monitoring food and agricultural policies in Africa.

Project on Negotiation for Agriculture
Strengthening negotiation skills
This project seeks to convey awareness about the importance of proper preparation for negotiations. It aims to develop and provide specifically studied material to strengthen capacities in negotiation.