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A rapid situation assessment of the impact of migration on agriculture and rural development in Guinea (TCP/GUI/3301)

As the volume of remittances increases at a rapid rate in many developing countries far exceeding the total flow of official development assistance and foreign direct investment financial institutions and development partners are beginning to pay increasing attention to migration and remittances.


The impact of remittances on food security and poverty of migrant households and rural development at the community level through diverting larger proportion of remittances to agricultural sector and related investment needs to be investigated.


A rapid situation assessment would provide a better understanding of the role of migration and remittances in agriculture, rural development and food security, within the context of Guinea. It would identify the possibilities and conditions in which a larger proportion of remittances could be diverted to agricultural sector.


The study would also generate comprehensive information on migration and remittances and rural development in order to promote and support informed policy recommendations to enhance the impacts of migration and remittances on sustainable food security and agricultural and rural development. Policies should also attempt to counterbalance the possible negative effects of migration such as agricultural labour shortages, or diversion of agricultural land to non-agricultural uses.


Expected outputs
A country study including a review and analysis of existing analytical work and a collection of primary data through focus group discussions, and consequently recommendations will be provided.


Who is involved
FAO Policy Assistance Support Service, FAO Guinea, Ministry of Agriculture Guinea, CECIDE (The International Trade Centre for Development)

Investment, Migration and agricultural development