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Impact assessment of development paradigms and related policies” in selected FMM economies Funded by the Netherlands and Sweden through the FMM FAO Multidonor Mechanism (FMM/GLO/008/MUL)

Impact assessment and monitoring of policies affecting food security and poverty to support decision-makers, at all levels, through the use of appropriate tools and methods.

This project aims at providing conceptual insight and policy assistance to assess the impact of selected development paradigms and related strategies and policies on various socio-economic dimensions relevant to poverty, food security and sustainable development.

Preparation of a conceptual framework for selected development issues and related policies, based on the development experience, vision and strategy of selected countries, which will contribute to the formulation of better global, regional and national policies for sustainable development and food security.

The project will better assist three FMM countries (Bangladesh, Burkina Faso and Honduras) in assessing the socio economic impacts of their perspective development policies by: 

  • Reviewing, analyzing and assessing current and alternative paradigms and policies for development and food security applied and/or applicable in selected FMM economies, in both qualitative and quantitative grounds. This will contribute to generating knowledge from and for countries.
  • preparing, adapting and disseminating material on methodologies and tools (Computable General Equilibrium models, Econometric analysis, Value Chain Analysis, etc.) for ex-ante policy impact assessment. A capacity development exercise for official from governments will take place for the use of these tools before the country work.
  • carrying out ex-ante assessment of policy impacts on poverty and inequality in selected FMM countries.
  • Providing supervision, close collaboration, and where necessary, training to increase analytical capacities of local teams of policy analysts
  • Providing policy advice to governments and other stakeholders on specific, as required by partners.
Food security, Monitoring and evaluation, Policy impacts on poverty, Poverty reduction