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FAO High Level Policy Learning Programme [Capacity Building Programme on Policies and Strategies for Agricultural and Rural Development]

Funded by the Netherlands and Sweden through the FAO Multidonor Mechanism (FMM) -FMM/GLO/008/MUL
The FAO High Level Policy Learning Programme 2011 strives to strengthen capacities of influential stakeholders in policy processes to identify emerging issues affecting long-term development and possible ways forward in terms of new thinking and innovative ideas, and to translate ideas into evidence-based policy options and brining them into national policy processes.


PLP 2011 addresses and discusses selected long-term development perspectives, issues, ideas and policy options in consideration of the features of development processes because

  • effective and sustainable development processes require a long-term vision and lasting actions;  
  • development of one part of the system can cause trade-off impacts or conflicts in different parts of the system due to multi-dimensionality of development; 
  • interdependencies in development processes require a holistic approach amongst sectors and macro-micro factors;
  • one country’s achievement is interrelated and interdependent on other countries; and
  • development options need to consider the use of limited amount of globally available resources that can generate conflicts over the control over scare resources or cause undesirable side-effects or risks.  


Programme approach
Through the PLP 2011, capacities of policy makers and policy analysts will be strengthened through i) sharing cutting-edge knowledge on current or emerging issues, development ideas and methods and tools;  (ii) facilitating knowledge and practices exchange among peers; (iii) reviewing options available to implement policy changes in a global, dynamic context where country choices are limited by global, regional and other external constraints.

The content and delivery of the PLP 2011 will be participatory, multidimensional and innovative.


Target audience:
The PLP 2011 is inviting high-level national policy makers (vice ministers, permanent secretaries (or equivalent) of ministries responsible for planning, finance and economy, for agricultural and rural development, fisheries and forestry, or advisers to Heads of State or Government directors-general, senior officials from Chambers of Commerce or Agriculture, and from producer and other relevant civil society organizations, as well as senior counterparts from development partner agencies) and senior policy specialists who are involved in the analysis, design and implementation of policies and strategies for socio-economic development and food security.

Capacity development, Food security, Policy processes, Rural development