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This report presents guidelines for the integration of Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development (SARD) concepts into agricultural policies. These guidelines can be used by FAO and its Member countries for guiding the work of practitioners who have a leading or technical contribution role in the [...]
This manual has been prepared as part of a series of training materials for use in programmes of capacity-building in policy formulation and analysis. The main purpose of these guidelines is to clarify and make explicit the logical process and the analytical techniques used in analysing and assessi [...]
Liberalisation of cereal markets has been one of the most significant events that have taken place during the last 15 years in Eastern and Southern Africa. This major change, which is part of stabilisation and structural adjustment packages applied in most countries of the sub-region, has had consid [...]
Esta publicación pretende guiar el estudio de los vínculos entre la política económica y la política agrícola, así como de los componentes de esta última, en particular, las políticas de precios, crédito y comercialización. [...]
Sustainability issues in agricultural and rural development policies is a training package to be used by agricultural economists and environmentalists in preparing training sessions on sustainability and environmental concerns for agricultural policy analysts and planners. Volume 1, to be distribut [...]
The Planning Guide is a set of simple and self-contained guidelines for planning that can be used (if necessary) without prior training. It is intended to provide district functionaries with concepts and simple tools of analysis for the preparation of district plans according to the existing plannin [...]
Ce document traite de la méthodologie générale des principales applications de l'analyse de filière pour l'élaboration et la réflexion sur les politiques de développement. Sa progression pédagogique devrait permettre aux lecteurs de comprendre [...]
Ce document traite de diverses applications à l'analyse d'une filière d'exportation de coton. Il se présente sous la forme d'une série d'exercices qui amèneront progressivement les utilisateurs à une bonne maîtrise des diverses formes de calcul é [...]
This publication provides guidelines for use by trainers and practitioners on the social aspect of agricultural and general rural development planning at the district level. Its aim is to demonstrate to those involved in such planning the importance of social issues, the relationship between social [...]
The Guide is meant to be used in a number of ways: i) as resource material for conducting training courses for trainers; ii) as a source of reference or guide on training principles and methods; iii) as a source of independent learning and study for those interested in acquiring the necessary ski [...]
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