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herramientas de análisis, directrices metodológica y ejercicios


Una completa base de datos de nuestras nuevas y anteriores publicaciones, que enfoca en los resultados de las políticas, las herramientas metodológicas y los materiales de desarrollo de capacidad para la formulación de políticas.

Usted puede filtrar la lista por varias categorías incluyendo serie, año, área de experiencia, tipo de apoyo, región u otra importante palabra-llave.

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This manual has been prepared as part of a series of training materials for use in programmes of capacity-building in policy formulation and analysis. The main purpose of these guidelines is to clarify and make explicit the logical process and the analytical techniques used in analysing and assessi [...]
This report presents guidelines for the integration of Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development (SARD) concepts into agricultural policies. These guidelines can be used by FAO and its Member countries for guiding the work of practitioners who have a leading or technical contribution role in the [...]
Famine and food security are at opposite ends of a spectrum. It is only in modem times that entire societies, as opposed to privileged members of those societies, have been able to escape from chronic hunger and the constant threat of famine. Many countries in the developing world, especially in Afr [...]
The overall Latin American economic, political and institutional framework has substantially changed in the last two decades, in part as a consequence of the implementation of structural adjustment programmes. This study reviews some of the implications of these changes on the design and implementat [...]
Throughout history, policy, including agricultural policy of interest here, has been influenced by a society's values relating to concepts and perceptions of agriculture, nature, equity, and the associated beliefs about the rights or wrongs of the situation. The way in which "values and beliefs" inf [...]
Liberalisation of cereal markets has been one of the most significant events that have taken place during the last 15 years in Eastern and Southern Africa. This major change, which is part of stabilisation and structural adjustment packages applied in most countries of the sub-region, has had consid [...]
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