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Guide for Training in the Formulation of Agricultural and Rural Investment Projects
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Policy Assistance Support Service, Policy and Programme Development Support Division, FAO

The formulation of agricultural and rural development projects is a complex task, covering a variety of investigative and analytical activities and requiring a wide range of skills.

This Guide does not attempt to offer comprehensive treatment of the subject. What it does seek to do is to present project formulation as a logical, coherent and systematic process involving certain basic steps which should normally be followed in planning large scale, public sector investments. The emphasis is on the efficient acquisition and proper use of information to create good project designs, rather than on techniques for analysing projects which have already been designed.

The Guide is intended primarily as a text to accompany training courses in project formulation. It can be read at three levels of detail, depending on the depth of guidance required. Thus, each of the five volumes corresponding to five main phases of project formulation starts with a brief overview of the purpose, approach and output of the phase concerned; this is then followed by a summary of the various steps involved in the completion of the phase; and this is then followed by a detailed account of the activities which comprise each step.

Formulation of agricultural and rural investment projects: Planning tools, case studies and exercises, by Agricultural Policy Support Service. Rome, Italy, 1986. The aim of this manual is to help policy analysts improve their understanding of the concept of food security and the problems related to it. Food security is defined as availability of, stability of and access to food by each human being. The food system, including the production and transformation of food, is studied with a view to understanding the causes of food insecurity. The manual then shows how international, macro-level and agricultural-sector policies affect the food system and how national and international policies that could improve food security can be identified.

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