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Una completa base de datos de nuestras nuevas y anteriores publicaciones, que enfoca en los resultados de las políticas, las herramientas metodológicas y los materiales de desarrollo de capacidad para la formulación de políticas.

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The "Southland Case Study" is designed to provide an opportunity to a group of participants in a course on agricultural policy to mobilise their knowledge and skills on a fictitious country simulating many of the problems faced by developing countries. Based on realistic information on the country, [...]
This book presents a set of investigations which depict and analyse the main features of the agricultural sector and economic policies in a country faced with the opportunities and challenges associated with the transition towards a more market-oriented and internationally integrated economy. Headli [...]
Regional trade arrangements are increasingly important elements of the global trade environment. However, especially when developing countries are concerned, there are differing viewpoints on the desirability and the efficient design of regional integration. This document reviews the regional integr [...]
This publication presents an overview of the concepts and definitions of environment and sustainable development, showing the importance of environment and natural resources for the economies of developing countries. It provides basic knowledge and analytical tools related to environment-economy int [...]
The Sourcebook provides a methodological framework for decisions concerning decentralization of agricultural services through deconcentration of the public administration, delegation to public or private agencies, devolution, partnerships with civil society organizations or privatization. These diff [...]
"Food security exists when all people, at all times, have physical and economic access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food to meet their dietary needs and food preferences for an active and healthy life." This definition of food security was drawn up at the World Food Summit (Rome, November 199 [...]
This publication consists of a CD containing the WinDASI software and its manual. The manual includes instructions on how to install and operate the software as well as four step-by-step exercises to help the user practise. WinDASI performs financial and economic analyses of agricultural and rural a [...]
Tipo de doc.: Analytical tools;
Año: 2002; ">2002;
Palabras clave:;
This Manual provides resource material to assist government officials involved in implementing the WTO Agreements of relevance to agriculture, fisheries and forestry as well as those involved in further negotiations in these sectors. Part I presents information on the background to international tr [...]
Año: 2000; ">2000;
This Manual has been prepared as part of a series of training materials for use in programmes of capacity-building in policy formulation and analysis. Its aim is to explain the content of the Agreement on Agriculture and the main functions of the World Trade Organisation and to help agricultural pol [...]
This manual aims at improving the capacity of policy analysts to understand the problems related to food security, and in particular the concept of food security defined as availability, stability and access to food by each human being. The food system, with its mechanism governing the production an [...]
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