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herramientas de análisis, directrices metodológica y ejercicios


Una completa base de datos de nuestras nuevas y anteriores publicaciones, que enfoca en los resultados de las políticas, las herramientas metodológicas y los materiales de desarrollo de capacidad para la formulación de políticas.

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Ce document traite de la méthodologie générale des principales applications de l'analyse de filière pour l'élaboration et la réflexion sur les politiques de développement. Sa progression pédagogique devrait permettre aux lecteurs de comprendre [...]
This publication provides guidelines for use by trainers and practitioners on the social aspect of agricultural and general rural development planning at the district level. Its aim is to demonstrate to those involved in such planning the importance of social issues, the relationship between social [...]
Año: 1993; ">1993;
Palabras clave:Desarrollo rural;
The Guide is meant to be used in a number of ways: i) as resource material for conducting training courses for trainers; ii) as a source of reference or guide on training principles and methods; iii) as a source of independent learning and study for those interested in acquiring the necessary ski [...]
Cette publication passe en revue une douzaine d'expériences de gestion de terroirs décrites dans des études de cas qui montrent que l'approche 'gestion de terroirs' est une approche décentralisée, participative et multisectorielle. Elle se fonde sur des constats ac [...]
This publication provides a general presentation on the functioning of markets and government institutions in view of the analysis of agricultural policies. In the first part, after a review of the market mechanism, the causes of the market failure and the reasons for Government intervention are dis [...]
Governments use policy instruments in order to influence economic resource allocations, such as the level of crop production, the distribution of income, the earning and expenditure of foreign exchange, and the demand for goods and services. While some of these objectives can be influenced directly [...]
This paper, accompanied by selected illustrative case studies, reviews a number of decentralization experiences with the training programmes that were elaborated to prepare planners to the expected new tasks. The review has been made with the help of a framework which is also proposed as a tool to a [...]
Ce Guide émane de l'expérience du Service de la formation de la Division de l'analyse des politiques dans plusieurs pays africains. Des programmes de perfectionnement et recyclage des cadres ont eu lieu en appui à des processus de décentralisation de la planification par [...]
These two volumes examine the economic dynamics at wok, or potentially at work, among farm households and towns in rural areas, and point out some implications for analysis and planning to accelerate economic development in such areas. They also provide a catalogue of tools for analysing rural area [...]
Tipo de doc.: Analytical tools;
Año: 1986; ">1986;
Palabras clave:Desarrollo rural;
The formulation of agricultural and rural development projects is a complex task, covering a variety of investigative and analytical activities and requiring a wide range of skills. This Guide does not attempt to offer comprehensive treatment of the subject. What it does seek to do is to present pr [...]
Serie: Non series;  
Año: 1986; ">1986;
Palabras clave:;
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