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GCP/GLO/267/JPN: Support to study on appropriate policy measures to increase investments in agriculture and to stimulate food production
Mission to Pretoria, South Africa: 5 to 9 September 2011

Development of country case studies
Selected country case studies are being developed by the Policy Assistance and Support Service, to investigate policies and resource allocation contributing to increased investments in agriculture.


SACAU (Southern Africa Agricultural Investment Study for Advocacy Purposes), which has been contracted to conduct the three case studies called a technical meeting to discuss with a view to agreeing on study scope, commonalities in approach, contrasts, information, challenges and how to deal with them.


Country selection
The three Southern African countries (Malawi, South Africa and Zambia) were selected for their contrasting situation with respect to investment in agriculture as well as performance.


Objectives of duty travel
The purpose of the duty travel was to attend the consultation. The discussions were rich and very relevant for orienting SACAU and the consultants hired by SACAU towards main objective of the case studies. It was agreed that, as a focus, the papers should help answer the question of “how can we improve investment in agriculture?” where “investment” means addition to capital stock.


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