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Participation in the West Africa Consultation on policy responses to price volatility
Mission to Dakar, Senegal: from 6 to 7 October 2011

Regional/Subregional seminars
Following the publication of the updated Guide for Policy and Programmatic Actions at Country Level to Address High Food Prices and in light of the current increase of world food prices, FAO decided to launch a series of Regional/Subregional seminars to discuss policy and programme options to address high food prices.


West Africa regional consultation
The Regional Consultation organized in West Africa was the last of this series of events.

The ECOWAS Commission and FAO organised the meeting in Dakar, Senegal from the 6 – 7 October 2011.


Who was involved
150 Participants included senior government officials from ECOWAS, FAO, Member States, including those from the Ministries of Agriculture, Trade, Finance, the agencies responsible for agricultural and market information, national food and economic security agencies, development and resource partners, media and the civil society.


Seminar objectives
The objectives of the seminar included:

  • Share country experiences in dealing with volatile food prices, the commodities involved the government priorities, policies and action programmes, and the implementation problems/constraints and their impact.
  • Raise awareness of various policy options and programmatic actions and their implications for short and longer-term agricultural development, food and nutrition security at country and sub-regional levels.
  • Internalise lessons from the 2007 - 2008 crisis based on the analytical work carried out by FAO, other development partners, the recently concluded sub-regional and national agricultural investment plans of the ECOWAS Commission and the Member States, and other partners as appropriate.
  • Identify and flag areas in which policies, regulations and statutory instruments need to be reconciled and brought in line throughout the sub-region, to ensure a "common policy" and its uniform application across the sector;
  • Identify the way forward and processes to design, coordinate and implement appropriate policy and programmatic actions as well as the arrangements for monitoring, updating and sharing of information on price changes, policy measures and results.