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Mission to Bogra, Bangladesh under TCP/INT/3032
9-10 February 2012

The Technical Consultation on Migration and remittances and their impact on sustainable food security, agriculture and rural development was organized on 9 to 10 February, 2012, Bogra, Bangladesh, to take stock of such projects and identify new areas for further work.


FAO has implemented fourteen rapid appraisals on migration and food security over the last two years.


Findings: Studies show that Remittances have a positive impact on household livelihoods and that a significant percentage of remittances are used on poverty-related items or basic needs: food, clothes, housing, utilities and medicine (health). The vast majority of remittance flows (90 percent) at destination are spent on primary needs while a much smaller part (10 percent) goes to formal/informal savings and investments principally in rural areas (although farm activities do not benefit significantly).


The studies observed in almost all countries a lack of appropriate government policies to increase the developmental impact of remittances and minimize the social dislocation and negative impact.


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