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Participation to the IGAD Secretariat inception workshop on 22-23 January 2012 at Djibouti
Launching of the Regional CAADP

The Inter-Governmental Authority for Development (IGAD) takes “the lead in coordinating efforts of all other actors in ending drought emergencies in the Region” as entrusted by the Member States Summit.


In this context, FAO provides support to IGAD to develop a Regional Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) Compact, and to investment planning and programming and capacity development.


Inception workshop 22-23 Jan 2012
To this end an inception workshop to launch the Regional CAADP was held in Djibouti from 22 to 23 January 2012 with broad participation from FAO. The workshop was attended by 60 participants, including high level representatives from all IGAD member countries, national CAADP focal points, and development partners. FAO, as member of the Interim Steering Committee also assisted in the design of the Regional CADDP Platform on 20 January 2012.


Workshop objectives

  • ensure a common understanding among stakeholders on the IGAD Regional CAADP process; 
  • discuss and agree on the methodology and roadmap; 
  • collect preliminary information from the national and regional stakeholders on priority areas and gaps that the Regional CAADP should address. 

Activities, results
Under the leadership of IGAD, FAO organised a technical meeting on the 24 January during which a regional team composed by consultants was briefed and their terms of reference finalized. FAO is fully involved with IGAD in the technical support team that also includes AUC/NPCA, IFPRI. A national team at country level is being created and national consultants are being recruited. The recruitment of the regional and national team is funded by FAO.


Next steps:

  • Preparation of the National workshop and the country and thematic reports (Jan-March);
  • Finalisation of the Zero Draft Regional Compact and post-Compact Roadmap (March-April 2012);
  • Validation workshop (April-May 2012);
  • Signed Regional CAADP Compact (May-June 2012).

Follow up
The IGAD SE requested FAO to organize and accompany a visit to ECOWAS region in view of peer learning and learning from their experience in developing a regional CAADP.


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