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Effective country programming training (ECP) training course
Mission to Tunis, Tunisia, from 4 to 10 March 2012

Introduction: The RO is responsible for ongoing policy work in the region and was asked to participate and contribute to the ECP workshop that was held from 5 to 9 March in Tunis. All countries are required to have at least a preliminary CPF by the end of 2012. FAO Sub-regional office for the Near East (SNE) therefore invited all Country offices in the region to participate in the ECP exercise with the aim to move ahead with the CPF preparation.

Mission objectives: Contribute to the ECP sessions as (former)-SNE policy officer and contribute to the design of further courses. Backstop ongoing FAPDA and agribenchmark policy work in Tunisia and the region.



  • Participate in the ECP training sessions and working groups.
  • Hold individual discussions with participants regarding their perceptions and possible uptake.
  • Discuss with the resource persons and facilitator on the different elements delivered.
  • Hold meetings with various counterparts from the University of Mograne and with the new president of a newly created farmers syndicate.


Main findings/mission results: The ECP has a rich portfolio of information at hand for the different aspects of prioritizing, programming, resource mobilization and work planning. However the content of the different modules need to be combined in a way that the major objective can be achieved: preparing a CPF.

Negotiations with various counterparts from Mograne have shown the commitments of the researchers and the readiness of the supervisor to contribute funds and to mobilize funds for agri benchmark. Preparations for the FAPDA training in Tunisia are under way and nominations for participants are coming in. Algeria, Mauritania and Morocco FAORs have been informed and the process of launching the next steps has been started.


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