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Support the first FAPDA training
Mission to Tunisia from 30 April to 4 May 2012

The mission to Tunisia was carried out in the framework of my responsibility serving the North Africa region as policy officer and in my role as coordinator of FAPDA activities.  

Mission objectives: The objective of the mission was to follow-up on ongoing policy work and to support the first FAPDA training of stakeholders in the region.

The main activities: Contributing to the workshop preparations and the workshop itself. Following-up of agribenchmark activities. Meeting with the President of Farmers’ Syndicate, Mr Ben Becher. Meeting with Mr Abdelkafi, Professor at Mograne University.

Major findings and results: The workshop for training of major stakeholders of the Government went very well. Timing and workshop design were adequate and adapted to the requirements of the trainees. The two FAPDA experts transferred the necessary know-how to the participants to enable them start up tracking policy decisions in their respective ministries.


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