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EX-ACT training and Carbon Balance support mission in project and policy analysis
Mission to Brazil/State Secretary of Environment, 3-10 March 2012

Background: EX-ACT  (EX-ante Appraisal Carbon-balance) is a scoping tool jointly developed by FAO that aims at providing ex-ante measurements of the impact of agriculture and forestry development projects on GHG emissions and C sequestration, indicating its effects on the Carbon-balance.

Initiated for being used at project and programme level, the tool is also used at value chain and policy level (e.g. to compute the carbon balance of aggregated agriculture sector strategies and policy options).

Mission objectives: to train Brazilian National and Regional professionals from different sectors (government, research, NGOs…) with the use and application of EX-ACT in Agriculture, Forestry and Land Use Change (LULUCF) sectors. A four-day training on EX-ACT was provided.


Moreover, the strategy for further cooperation with Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro state secretaries’ representatives and others participants were discussed and elaborated.

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