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HLPLP 2011: Country Action Plans
Follow up to FAO's High-Level Policy Learning Programme 2011

High-level policy learning programme 2011 (HLPLP)
FAO's HLPLP 2011 hosted over 40 participants from 9 countries for 2-weeks, during which FAO and participants' expertise and experience were translated into learning opportunities and "bottom-up" (country-based) knowledge generation.
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However, thanks to participants' commitment and sharing lessons learnt with colleagues and peers, the HLPLP findings, materials, issues and concepts reaches a broader range of audience than just the group who came to FAO HQ in 2011.


Country Action Plans:
Participants preprared Country Action Plans (CAPs) at the end of the HLPLP that highlight priorities and actions to be carried out at the country level.
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CAPs clearly show participants' willingness to introduce, adapt and apply concepts and tools discussed during the programme to enhance their individual work and to provide contributions to broader institutional work.


Some activities in the CAPs are already under implementation within the existing Country Programming Frameworks and/or in view of their update, implying that the commitment of participants to induce positive changes in development policy processes is likely to lead to concrete results and tangible impacts.


Follow up
Proposed and implemented activities will reach their full potential through systematic support and monitoring provided by FAO Representatives and technical divisions.


The HLPLP proceedings and finalized material, due in the next few months, will be hosted by FAO's EASYPol [], repository of freely downloadable resources for policy making.


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