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Mission for FAO Assistance to the Formulation of the Zambia Agriculture Investment Plan
Mission to Zambia from 21 to 25 May 2012

Mission to Zambia
An FAO mission visited Zambia from  21 to 25 May 2012. The mission was part of a process to support the national CAADP team in the formulation of the Zambia National Agriculture Investment Plan.  NAIP is the comprehensive Investment Plan for the Republic of Zambia. 


Mission objectives
The main purpose of the mission was to discuss, agree on, and start implementing FAO assistance to formulate the NAIP. A mission from the FAO Trade and Market Division  also visited the country at the same time.


Mission activities
The mission comprised two phases: (i) meeting Government, COMESA and Development Partners (DPs) to agree on FAO support to the national team in the formulation of NAIP; and (ii) providing initial support to the NAIP technical group for the establishment of the group of consultants. 


Mission outcomes
One of the outcomes of the mission was to formalize with the Minister of Agriculture of  Livestock the type of support FAO through a Technical Cooperation Project (TCP) for the development of the CAADP Investment plan.


A collaboration agreement will also be established with Inbada Agricultural Policy research Institute (IAPRI) that is the main technical institution that will support the process.


The FAO Investment Center and  the Policy Assistance Support Service travelled to Zambia to assist in  supporting to the CAADP technical team and team of consultants with methodological aspects to prepare the NAIP, and in reviewing the coherence, consistency and quality of the draft NAIP, as well as estimating the financing gap based on foreseen GRZ allocations to the sector and DP on-going and pipeline commitments, that need to be allocated by NAIP main components.


FAO’s  Trade and Market Division will provide inputs to the NAIP for the maize market as important priorities for policy change.


CAADP framework
The NEPAD’s Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) represents a shared framework among African countries to accelerate growth of the agriculture sector, reduce poverty and food insecurity. The CAADP framework intends to complement and add value to existing national agriculture strategies and programmes.


Zambia's CAADP Compact
Zambia signed its CAADP Compact on January 2011. Following the Compact signature, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock  (MAL) initiated the development of their investment plan and prepared a so-called road map to finalize the National Agriculture Investment Plan (NAIP) in 90 days starting from the recruitment of the technical consultants.


Policy reforms
The CAADP Compact calls for necessary policy reforms to provide more incentives for the private sector to develop its entrepreneurship skills and to participate more actively in sector development. The Government is committed to creating a favorable legal, regulatory and policy environment that will facilitate stronger participation of the private sector. To achieve this, policy and institutional reform (in particular with the Maize market) efforts should be accelerated and integrated into the priorities for funding of the NAIP.


It is expected that FAO’s Trade and Market Division will in the coming months work together with actors involved in the sector to identify adjustments that the Government of Zambia (GRZ) could consider. Therefore in Zambia, the NAIP will provide the overall framework for prioritized investments in the country’s agricultural sector, in line with strategic priorities identified in the Compact. It is anticipated that it will provide the main framework through which investments be channeled.


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