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EX-ACT presentation at the FAO-AfDB annual partnership meeting
Mission to Tunis, Tunisia from 22 to 23 September 2010

FAO presentation on the EX-ACT software for carbon balance analysis of investment projects, the discussion turned on how to deal with both AfDB projects and training. AfDB finally suggested the following activities:

  • Training of AfDB staff in 2x2 sessions (two workshops of two days).
  • Using/testing the tool by AfDB staff in five projects over one year (in five different countries).
  • Organization of three days workshops in each of the selected five countries to raise awareness, and train experts on the use of the tool. Such training would focus on explaining the concept behind the tool, how it works, its usefulness and what can be done with the results and data generated.
  • Bilateral funds will be sought in collaboration with ORRU to support the sensitization and training sessions in the RMCs.

A proposal for training activities was set up to cover three kinds of training: (i) informative seminar for AfDB high-level senior management staff; (ii) half-a-day training for AfDB task managers; and (iii) two days practical training workshop on carbon balance appraisal (15-20 environment and agronomy experts involved in environment and project analysis).

The detailed programme of the whole meeting is available on Web.