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Participation in United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 16, CMP 6, - SBSTA 33, SBI 33, AWG-KP 15, AWG-LCA 13
Mission to Cancun, Mexico, from 29 November to 6 December 2010

The TCS Participation to Mexico Cancun COP16 Conference, in December 2011 allowed inter alia to present the EX-ACT tool during Agriculture and Rural Development Day 2010, which was a wide assembly of around 600 people / experts working in these areas for Climate Change issues.

Interestingly,  the NAMA (National Appropriate Mitigation Actions) is emerging as key entry point in the Country implementation framework is coming out as a main element for scaling up mitigation support in developing countries.

Secondly  there is a  multiplication of Fast Track and Mitigation scaling up donor initiatives and Mechanisms which is showing a strong willingness of partners to move forwards without delay.

Among the main donor initiatives identified for ???: (i) Carbon Partnership Facility (CPF) by World Bank, (ii) Partnership for Market Readiness by World Bank, (iii) Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (World Bank), (iv) Climate Investment Funds (CIF) World Bank, (v) ICI ‘International Climate initiative’, German Environment Ministry , (vi) Europe Aid sponsored work on emission trading and greenhouse gas mitigation, (vii) DFID-sponsored work on standardized baselines and (viii) NOAK NEFCO Initiative ( Nordic Perspectives on Carbon Market Mechanisms )

Agriculture and Rural Development Day 2010, was held in parallel to COP16; it brought agriculture sector adaptation and mitigation strategies to the forefront of the global climate treaty negotiations.