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Supporting the preparation of policy measures for selected value chains and related Ex-Ante Socio-Economic Impact Analysis (ESEPIA) and attending the final seminar of the project
Mission to Nairobi, Kenya from 25 till 30 October 2010

Mission objectives
The purposes of the mission were to: (i) support the finalization of the studies and presentations on different policy options for four value chains, with a focus on the assessment of their socio-economic impacts; (ii) attend the final presentation seminar of the project;   (iii) debrief with local colleagues and the Permanent Secretary (PS) of the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) regarding  the project TCP/KEN/3203 discuss and possible medium term follow-up activities.

Mission results
The mission allowed for the assessment of the overall results of the project, both in terms of quality of the analyses of impacts of the various policy options considered by the working groups, as well as in terms of the actual analytical capacities acquired by the participants.

During the wrap up discussion at the end of the final seminar, the participants showed to be more confident than before in their capabilities to influence real policy decisions at country level. This increased confidence was based on their improved control of analytical techniques and understanding of development impacts of policy measures.

A follow-up project proposal, drafted by FAO and previously discussed with selected counterparts was presented to the PS, who showed his enthusiasm about the findings of the project and asked FAO to provide assistance for a future follow-up. A set of immediate actions to support future cooperation activities on policy impact assessment were agreed.

During the final workshop the participants also highlighted the need to sustain the project’s results so that the skills acquired can be continuously used in policy analysis. A suggested way forward was to build a stable policy analysis unit or an officially recognized policy analysis network.