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Participation in the AGRITEC-EMRC International Business Forum- Boosting Agricultural Innovation in Africa
Mission to Lisbon, Portugal, 20 to 21 January 2011

The Forum was organized in collaboration with the Portuguese Industrial Association - International Fair of Lisbon (AIP-FIL).

It served as a platform to debate the current agricultural trends mainly for Africa, bringing together representatives from the private and public sector from Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and the USA.

Its aim was also to promote the creation of business partnerships and encourage the designing of new agricultural projects. The forum included Plenary Sessions, Workshops, and One-on-One Business Meetings.


Focus areas of debate:

  • Boosting Private Sector in the African Agribusiness;
  • Growing Agriculture through Innovative Finance;
  • Wealth Creation and energy Supply;
  • Capacity building and Entrepreneurship;
  • Agricultural Value Chain Origins;
  • Research, Science & Technology for Growth and competitiveness;
  • Commercial Agriculture and Market Access.


Main topics of interest for Policy Assistance Support Service:

  • Finding ways to attract funds to agriculture and agro-industry projects in Africa: Investment opportunities;
  • Linking small farmers and investing in the private sector to increase their productivity;
  • Exploring strategies and innovations to access domestic, regional and global markets;
  • Strengthening Human resources through Training of Agro-professionals’ management skills
  • Investigating ways to facilitate technological cooperation and mobile technologies to develop rural communities;


The reporting officer participated in plenary sessions and workshops, and also attended several one-to-one business meetings with agribusiness entrepreneurs and Government representatives, where possible common development strategies and projects have been discussed.


Main achievements:
This forum has been essential to enhance the team’s visibility and networking activities at the international level, and also to bring up to date information on our current areas of expertise