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EASYPol-online resources for policy making
New look and updated features

EASYPol’s new look and updated features aim at providing a better organized and user-friendly site for disseminating FAO policy resources.


Website improvements
A wider screen layout and top bar search options aim to enhance usability with drop down menus.

New materials are now short listed directly on the home page. See Resource packages to find sets of interrelated material, and Browse by Type to filter materials according to their EASYPol category, e.g. Issue papers, applied work etc... There is also a new area highlighting forthcoming releases, see Planned resources.


Continued commitment
The EASYPol team will continue to prepare, collect and disseminate conceptual, analytical, methodological and capacity development material for policy making. Issue papers, technical materials, analytical tools and applied work, are all freely available (to read and download) in EASYPol. See Latest modules issued.


The new features and layout aim to provide enhanced search facilities and more user-friendly search options.

The EASYPol site is maintained by FAO's Policy Assistance Support Service.

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