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To assess the progress of activities and to backstop the Al Ghab Development Programme
Mission to Syria 29 January to 4 February 2011

Activities and outputs

Studies: The mission was able to verify the status of  the preparation of studies for the agricultural pillar, including  the cross-cutting socioeconomic study and the Value Chain Analysis study.


Communication improvement: A wikisite was created to improve communication and information sharing among project members at all levels.


Legal and policy framework: The legal and policy framework constitutes one of the key deliverables of the programme formulation. An interdisciplinary working group in charge of preparing the legal and policy framework for Al Ghab has been established and is expected to deliver a first draft by April 2011. The legal framework will include among other things the institutional arrangements for the development of Al Ghab and the comprehensive incentive system to  achieve the objectives of the programme.


Workshop: strengthening strategic planning: A workshop is planned to take place in March to strengthen the Al Ghab team’s strategic planning. The aim is not only to providing training on theory and tools of the Results-Oriented Strategic Planning, but also to apply this approach to translate the findings of the diagnosis phase into an operational strategy and plan of action. An expert team has been set up to prepare the workshop.


Introduction of the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach
Following the findings of the diagnosis studies which revealed a high level of depletion of water and soil quality in the region, the Ministry of Agriculture requested that the ongoing IPM Regional Programme should be extended as soon as possible to the Al Ghab region. In particular the IPM approach was recommended to accompany the transition period towards the introduction of organic agriculture and high value products oriented to exports.