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Al Ghab Development Programme TCP/SYR/3202
Mission to Damascus, Syria, from 18 March to 1 April 2011

The aim of the mission to Syria was to launch the preparation of the Al Ghab Development Strategy and Plan of Action with two workshops, to assess the progress of the activities, and to backstop the Programme formulation.


Activities and Outputs

  1. Organization and implementation of two workshops to familiarize participants with the principles and methodologies of Results Based Management (first workshop 22-24 March), and to assist them in using these principles in drafting the strategy for the Al Ghab Development Programme (second workshop 28-31 March).
  2. Identification of key strategic areas and preliminary set of investment, technical assistance and policy-related projects to achieve the vision and objectives of the Programme
  3. Identification of critical areas that require further thinking and dialogue including the establishment of the agro-industrial area and the institutional and policy reforms needed to ensure a transition from a planned agricultural system to market based system.
  4. Assessment of the status of implementation of the remaining activities and backstopping of the stakeholder and institutional analysis study and the socio-economic survey, including the finalization of the questionnaire and initiation of fieldwork.

The formulation of the Development Strategy and the Operational Plan will be ready by June 2011 considering that activities are carried out in compliance with the time schedule.