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Regional consultation on policy and programmatic actions to address high food prices : Summary of proceedings
Asia, Bangkok, 9-10 March 2011

The regional consultation aimed to assist governments of member countries in identifying various options and designing country-specific immediate actions in response to the current food price surge.

Specifically, the consultation aimed to share country experiences regarding rising food prices through lessons learned during the last crisis (2007-2008), identify the needs and opportunities for external financial assistance and technical support, and identify future processes to design, coordinate and implement appropriate policy and programmatic actions, as well as arrange for the monitoring, updating and sharing of information on price changes, policy measures and results.


Expected impact
Governments design policies and programmatic actions that better address rising food prices and that provide better opportunities for producers and/or exporters.


Expected outputs

For participating countries:

  • Participants become familiar with the FAO Guide for Policy and Programmatic Actions at Country Level to Address High Food Prices, and exchange with their peers and other stakeholders measures to address high food prices. 
  • Participants are better informed about opportunities for collaboration and support from development partners.
  • Participants identify the next steps for policy and programmatic actions to be implemented upon return to their countries with the objective to launch policy dialogue and mobilize national resources and/or development partner support.

For FAO and development partners:

  • FAO prepares a consolidated report to be shared with member countries.
  • FAO and development partners are better informed about the situation and country needs in addressing high food prices.
  • FAO collects and analyzes questionnaires on the situation and measures taken in participating countries.
  • FAO prepares the report on the Regional Consultation including a list of next steps.


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