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Training of key information providers (RAF, SFW and FAOR staff) in Ghana on Briefs On Line and FAO and Partner Country Information Gateway (BolPAD)
Mission to Ghana from 8 to 15 April 2011

The purpose of the mission was to deliver training exercises to key information providers (Regional Office for Africa, Subregional Office for West Africa and FAOR staff) in Ghana on Briefs On Line and FAO and Partner Country Information Gateway (BolPAD-intranet), to enable regular updating of country briefs and uploading of relevant policy documents from across the region.


Following a series of presentations and consultations, key information providers recognized the importance of BolPAD as a tool for disseminating country-level information and best practices, and that these should be not only shared more widely within the Organization but also to national governments and Permanent Representatives.


With the aim of improving the quality of country briefs, the mission’s recommendations stipulate that policy officers should assume the leadership for country briefs as well as provide sub-regional issues and analyses that have an impact on FAO’s activities at country-level.


Other key recommendations include:

  • improving the monitoring of current and emerging trends, opportunities and challenges and projects and programmes at sub-regional and regional levels;
  • establishing a decentralized system whereby information is closely analyzed and flows smoothly from country to sub-regional and regional to Headquarters levels;
  • supporting the development of a corporate analysis based on field evidence which may be further disseminated to a global audience; and
  • institutionalizing a system of accountability whereby the newly established Regional Focal Point is responsible for monitoring of country information workflow.


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