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Assessing Development Paradigms: Visions and Strategies for Development
NEW EASYPOL FORUM DISCUSSION: 9 Sept 2011 to 9 Oct 2011

This online forum discussion will explore the dynamics of different development paradigms, including their successes, failures and suitability to address emerging development issues. 


A development paradigm is a path to achieve development, consisting of a set of actions based on a vision of the socio-economic system and an understanding of that which constitutes development.  Some well-known paradigms include the Washington Consensus, the strategy of Import Substitution Industrialization, and newer paradigms, such as the “Green Growth” approach by the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific.  

Findings from this forum discussion will contribute to FAO’s High-Level Policy Learning Programme 2011, a programme addressed to high-level policymakers and policy analysts from FAO’s member countries, aimed at strengthening national capacities for designing and implementing policies and strategies to promote economic development and combat poverty and food insecurity.

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