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Food and Agriculture Policy Decision Analysis (FAPDA) information collection, and discussion on the institutionalization of FAPDA in Lesotho
Mission to Lesotho from 6-17 June 2012

Background: In February 2012, FAPDA was introduced by Policy Officer, TCSP at the Monitoring and Evaluation workshop to the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security (MAFS), in particular Department of Planning and Policy Analysis (DPPA). DPPA requested the FAO support in the institutionalization of a policy monitoring tool to better track policy decisions and provide quality analysis, and to engage relevant stakeholders in the policy monitoring system.


Mission objectives: The 5-day mission was planned to assess the function and focus of DPPA and to agree on how to utilize FAPDA to enhance their role in policy monitoring and analysis. As the CPF formation process is now being initiated in Lesotho, the mission also aimed to contribute to the situation analysis part of the CPF.


Activities: The main counterpart of FAPDA activities in Lesotho was agreed to be DPPA, and the coordinator was appointed and trained to use the FAPDA online tool. FAPDA was introduced to different departments in MAFS in discussion of the best way of coordinating the policy monitoring process. The interdisciplinary group meeting was also organized to revive the food security network’s function, and to establish a network of informants representing different ministries. The importance of engaging the university in this practice was highlighted during the discussion with FAOR, and the Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture shared the need to take part in the interdisciplinary network.


Mission results: As the enhancement of the monitoring capacity has been repeatedly identified as one of the main priority areas in development strategy papers, FAPDA will be institutionalized through the revival of the interdisciplinary network on food security, led by DPPA of MAFS. FAPDA training on the focal points of such training will be sought to be held in late August or September 2012. The zero draft of the country policy report, aimed to be published based on the information collected during the mission, is annexed to this report.


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