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Food and Agriculture Policy Decision Analysis (FAPDA): Training workshop 2 to 3 May 2012
Mission to Tunis, Tunisia

What is FAPDA?
The FAO initiative on food and agriculture policy decision analysis (FAPDA) was launched in 2008 to provide technical advice to FAO member countries and further extended to a systematic policy monitoring encompassing the different dimensions of food security and nutrition aspects.


Testing FAPDA's monitoring system in Tunisia
Within the perspective to systematize the monitoring system after the food security crisis, Tunisia was identified by the Sub Regional Policy Officer for Northern Africa as one of the countries to test the monitoring system and explore possibilities and modalities to set up FAPDA at country level.


After a first phase of collection of information conducted by the local partner DGEDA (Direction Générale des Etudes et du Développement Agricole) with the support of the FAPDA team based in SNE in December 2010 a workshop was organized to involve in the exercise stakeholders from relevant ministries and explore modalities to establish FAPDA in Tunisia.


Collection of information and starting up activities were interrupted by the revolution.


Training to use FAPDA
After a preparatory phase to restart activities focal points were nominated at the beginning of 2012 by the relevant ministries to participate to FAPDA’s network in Tunisia. The main outcome of the mission is the FAPDA training (2-3 May 2012) of the focal points in data collection and entry into the FAPDA tool.


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