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Mission to Cairo, Egypt: November 2011
30 Nov 2011 Mission objectivesWithin the framework of the project TCP/EGY/3302 develop with national partners of the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation a detailed road map for the implementation of the project and in particular of the capacity building [...]
Mission to Nairobi, Kenya: 12-19 November 2011
30 Nov 2011 BackgroundThe FAO initiative on Food and agriculture policy decision analysis (FAPDA) was launched in 2008 to provide technical advice to FAO member countries and further extended to a systematic policy monitoring encompassing the different dimension [...]
Cómo abordar retos del desarrollo a largo plazo: de las intervenciones puntuales a los logros duraderos, FAO, Roma, 7 – 18 noviembre 2011
04 Nov 2011 ResumenEn el tercer Programa de aprendizaje sobre políticas de alto nivel de la FAO (HLPLP): “Cómo abordar retos del desarrollo a largo plazo: de las intervenciones puntuales a los logros duraderos”, un programa de dos seman [...]
Mission to Dakar, Senegal: from 6 to 7 October 2011
28 Oct 2011 Regional/Subregional seminarsFollowing the publication of the updated Guide for Policy and Programmatic Actions at Country Level to Address High Food Prices and in light of the current increase of world food prices, FAO decided to launch a series of [...]
Mission to Pretoria, South Africa: 5 to 9 September 2011
30 Sep 2011 Development of country case studiesSelected country case studies are being developed by the Policy Assistance and Support Service, to investigate policies and resource allocation contributing to increased investments in agriculture.   SAC [...]
NEW EASYPOL FORUM DISCUSSION: 9 Sept 2011 to 9 Oct 2011
15 Sep 2011 This online forum discussion will explore the dynamics of different development paradigms, including their successes, failures and suitability to address emerging development issues.    A development paradigm is a path to achieve developm [...]
Investment policy support
22 Jul 2011 Investment Policy Support work is funded by the Japanese Project “Support to Study on Appropriate Policy Measures to Increase Investments in Agriculture and to Stimulate Food Production” as well as FAO regular programmes.   AimOur [...]
FAO Initiative on soaring food prices
10 Jul 2011 The Food and Agriculture Policy Decision Analysis (FAPDA) team is pleased to present a paper on "Food and Agricultural Policy Trends after 2008 Food Security Crisis".   The publication reviews the policy decisions taken from October 2008 to mi [...]
June 27 to July 8 2011
27 Jun 2011 Internal trainingThe Policy Assistance Support Service is organising an internal training on Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) models for policy analysis that is addressed to national contributors to the project “Impact Assessment of develop [...]
Mission to Ghana from 8 to 15 April 2011
27 Jun 2011 The purpose of the mission was to deliver training exercises to key information providers (Regional Office for Africa, Subregional Office for West Africa and FAOR staff) in Ghana on Briefs On Line and FAO and Partner Country Information Gateway [...]
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