Nagadya Melissa Rose
Consultor -
En la FAO desde:
Principales áreas de trabajo y competencias:

Policy consultations on food price volatility at all levels, raising awareness of various policy options and programmatic actions and their implications for short and longer-term agricultural development, food and nutrition security at Regional Subregioal, and National levels.

Working with all stakeholders to discuss policy and programme options to address high food prices to:

  • Identify the way forward and processes to design, coordinate and implement appropriate policy and programmatic actions as well as the arrangements for monitoring, updating and sharing of information on price changes, policy measures and results. 
  • Share country experiences in dealing with volatile food prices, the commodities involved the government priorities, policies and action programmes, and the implementation problems/ constraints and their impact.  
  • Identify and flag areas in which policies, regulations and statutory instruments need to be reconciled and brought in line throughout the sub-region, to ensure a "common policy" and its uniform application across the sector.

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MBA Management, (Corporate social responsibility), PhD (Exit strategy and Corporate social responsibility Implementation).