What is Policy Support at FAO?

Policy support consists in providing resources for policy making in agriculture, rural development and food security and assisting FAO member countries in:

  • formulating, monitoring and evaluating sustainable policies and strategies;
  • identifying, understanding and fighting the root causes of hunger, food insecurity and malnutrition;
  • enhancing dialogue at all stages of the policy process;
  • improving knowledge on development issues;
  • developing capacities of public institutions dealing with policy issues.

Policy support is core to FAO’s objective on improving food security and nutrition.

Learn more about our areas of expertise, the types of support we offer and the tools we provide. 

Publishing our findings

Our research, knowledge and experience are contained in case studies, issue papers and methodological guidelines are all available on our publications page. See also the free, web-based EASYPol database for more policy resources.

How we are funded

In addition to FAO resources, our work is funded by donor and country contributions. 

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