Support for policy formulation

We advise on the formulation of effective policies for agriculture, rural development and food security, bringing our diverse expertise and experience to bear on in-depth country and region-specific analyses and reviews, backed up by our own well-tested methodologies and tools. Our work is a result of specific analytical work and lessons learned.

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Understanding policy contexts

Influencing policy processes requires  a thorough understanding of the complex context within which policies are produced. Key dimensions of this context include: (i) the socio-economic situation, (ii) the  policy and political environment; (iii) major stakeholders; and (iv) the international policy agenda. Implications of these dimensions on the way the policy process should be managed and on the feasibility of policy options are also taken carefully into account. The analysis of the policy context is conducted through the use of a set of analytical tools and approaches.


Data collection and management

Policy recommendations depend in part on solid statistical analysis. We have developed tools and relevant guidelines and exercises to assist policy makers manage their statistical data.

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Capacity development, institutional support and training

We support member countries by providing relevant training, so that their decision-makers can carry out future analyses independently. Read more: CAADP and FODEPAL programmes that cover both Latin America and Africa, and current work in South Africa, among other projects »


Our team also organises the Policy Learning Programme where senior decision-makers from member countries take part in a modular programme, which shares cutting-edge knowledge, critical ideas, skills and experiences for the formulation and implementation of policy in areas such as agriculture (crops, livestock), fisheries, forestry and food security.


Improving communications and knowledge-sharing

By including a communication strategy as a key component of technical assistance provided to a country enables the successful implementation of new policies: where relevant, we provide support to improve communication strategies. The Al-Ghab Development Programme in Syria includes a communication strategy as a major pillar of its implementation approach.


Advocacy and resource moblization
We provide support in the analysis, prioritization and planning of national and regional agricultural sector development programmes, mobilizing resources to accelerate implementation of CAADP and related decisions. See projects on: CAADP»


Tools and methods for policy formulation
Our free tools also play a part in improving the transmission of clear, useful information on data analysis for policy formulation. Read more about our tools »