Tardivel Géraldine
Policy Officer - Social scientist
At FAO since:
Key areas of expertise and work:

Expert on innovative financing and decentralized cooperation seconded by the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs to FAO since January 2012.

Support the Task Force on Innovative Financing on food security and agriculture (Innovative Financing Mechanisms and Projects, including migration and remittances).

Responsible for developing policy dialogue and activities with regional/local authorities and their networks on food security, sustainable agriculture and nutrition.

Promote governance for Food Security and assist with the representation of local authorities in the Committee on World food Security (CFS).

Work on territorial perspective of food security policies and strategies.
Focal point providing local authorities with technical assistance on specific decentralized cooperation projects.

Previous posts:
Eleven years work experience with the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the area of Decentralised Cooperation with local governments and support to NGO's. Most recently working as a Technical Advisor at the Decentralised Cooperation Department in Senegal for five years and for a year for the Danish Refugee Council.
Master degree in Political Science (Rennes/France & Nottingham Trent University/UK) and Master degree in Social Science with a focus on international cooperation (IEDES - University Paris I la Sorbonne).