Bellù Lorenzo Giovanni
Policy Assistance Support Service
Policy Officer - Economist
At FAO since:
Key areas of expertise and work:

Socio-economic and environmental impact assessment of policies; policy impact analysis by means of Computable General Equiibrium (CGE) and other macro-economic analysis tools.
Thematic areas of interest comprise the analysis of contributions and limits of agricultural development and agricultural policies for povertry reduction and food security in the changing global environment.

Areas of work include:
1) Policy advice and capacity development, provided in various Middle-East and African Countries such as Kenya, Burkina Faso and Sierra Leone;
2) Preparing policy relevant documents and other material, such as tools and case studies for socio-economic policy impact analysis, poverty and income distribution material, the FAO Value Chain Analysis (VCA) software and related documentation.
3) Backstopping the development and maintenance of the EASYPol site;

PhD in Economic Policy (Università Cattolica Milan, IT) with a thesis on “International Price shocks and development: a computable General Equilibrium Approach with applications to Burkina Faso”. Master of Science (MSC) in Finance and Investment (Development Economics) (University of York, UK). Graduated in Economics with a thesis on labour demand and wages in the wholesale and retail sector (Università Cattolica, Milan, IT).