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Can any private sector entity partner with FAO?

FAO partnerships are based on a set of transparent principles, drawn from legal, ethical and operational criteria. The partnerships need to be supportive of FAO's general mandate and work programme, while addressing mutual interests and objectives of partners. FAO, through a committee that reviews all potential partnerships, ensures that transparency, accountability, non-exclusivity and issues that could create conflict of interest are highlighted and addressed.

What is the procedure for partnering with FAO?

Initial contacts may be made with the Private Sector Unit within the Technical Cooperation Department or relevant technical units. After the collaboration is defined in concrete terms, FAO conducts a review of the proposed collaboration according to the principles and guidelines for private sector collaboration. The partnership is established following a signed agreement between FAO and the partner.

How does FAO classify the private sector?

Individual private enterprises; special purpose coalitions and consortia; financing institutions; international industry associations; other representative business organizations; intermediary organizations of private or mixed ownership; foundations and research institutes.

What does FAO hope to achieve through collaboration with the private sector?

As an Organization, FAO's primary responsibility is assisting Member Nations specifically developing countries to strengthen the local private sector and particularly the farmers, agro-industries and business associations. Its activities also build on the premise that resources needed to attain the Millenium Development Goal(MDG) of hunger and poverty will have to be complemented, for the most part, with private resources and investment. Reducing poverty and ensuring that no-one goes hungry is FAO's ultimate goal.

Preparing seedlings for hydroponic culture in a greenhouse in a private, commercial company

Who is the private sector?
From individual farmers to global enterprises, including foundations and non governmental organizations (NGOs) representing business.

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