TC Survey

Background: to help improve and accelerate delivery at country level, a limited number of focus countries were identified where to test new support arrangements. As a result, 13 such countries labelled as “Countries of Active Observation and Coordinated support” were identified, including your country of assignment, to experience the new support arrangements, draw lessons from the experience and possibly expand to a wider group of countries.

The newly established arrangements in countries of Active Observation and Coordinated support were to ensure that delivery managers (i.e. FAO representatives at country level): i) articulate their priority needs (demands); (ii) receive predictable and coordinated technical support (supply) from the pool of expertise available in all geographical locations (SRO/RO/HQs); (iii) establish country support teams to help respond to evolving needs.

Purpose of the survey: This survey is intended to allow FAO Representatives leading the work in those countries to indicate what worked well, what could be improved, and what could be the conditions for mainstreaming good practices across delivery mechanisms and regions/countries.

The questionnaire is composed of three main sections:

  • impact on the country programme delivery;
  • impact on the access to technical support;
  • lessons learnt/ recommendations for further improvement.

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