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The FAO/Government of Italy Cooperative Programme

Origin and Magnitude

Institutional Arrangements

Programme Management

Future Development of the Programme


Since 1982 the Government of Italy is playing a major role in FAO/Government Cooperative Programme, through an annual Trust Fund voluntary financial contribution. From 1988 an annual Review of the FAO/Government of Italy Cooperative Programme has been carried out and a related Report produced, in order to provide a comprehensive and concise presentation of the activities carried out within the FAO/Government of Italy Cooperative Programme and to briefly assess its accomplishments. The Review concerns the multilateral projects financed through the annual voluntary contribution received from the Government of Italy, as well as the projects financed under the multi-bilateral scheme. In order to prepare the Review it is necessary to collect, examine and summarize all the relevant information which is shared by different units and sections both at FAO and the Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs. This edition of the Review is the result of a joint effort of the Italian Directorate General for Development Cooperation (DGCS) through the Ufficio II - Multilateral Desk and the Field Programme Development Service (TCAP) in FAO.

The Review is an information tool and is not supposed to provide detailed technical information on projects. This information is already available in the FAO technical and operating units and in project files. The intended users are officers of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy and of FAO who need a quick and concise reference book on the ongoing projects constituting the FAO/Government of Italy Cooperative Programme. Other potential users are research institutions, universities, media.

As in previous editions, the book is divided into two parts: the first consists of an introduction which contains updated background information on the origin and scope of the FAO/Government of Italy Cooperative Programme, a description of the Programme’s development and management and a short summary of the various Italian-funded initiatives and the different kinds of development projects. This part includes charts showing projects divided by thematic areas and geographical distribution.

The second part is devoted to a compendium of project profiles which is the focus of the Review. Each profile consists of a brief description that includes information on the project’s location, a financial summary, outstanding issues, together with a record of the project’s objectives, activities and the conclusions and recommendations made during recent meetings. Only projects which were active during 2004 and the first half of 2005 are included. A paragraph describing project proposals which are currently in the pipeline is also added.

Profiles of projects which are closed, dating mostly from the early 1980s to 2003, have not been included in this Review but are available in previous editions.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations would like to express its appreciation to the staff in both the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy (Ufficio II/DGCS) and FAO (Field Programme Development Service - TCAP) who have made this Review possible.

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